About us

We offer to repair services for iPhone and iPad. Our services also include unlocking iPhone and other handsets. We take great care of the handsets which comes our way for any kind of repair issues. The key takeaway of the repairing with us is that 6 months of warranty is offered for every device that we fix. This is possible because we are confident about the kind of repairing we do.

We are proud to inform that our trusted repairing technician is capable to work on every device that comes for repairing. One of the best services in regards to the repairing is that we also offer to repair at a place which is convenient for the customer. This service is specifically meant for those customers who are unable to visit the repair shop due to a busy schedule.


Our service is also extended to anybody who is interested to fix the device. Only experienced and certified technician can take care of the handset offered for repairing.

We truly believe in providing exemplary customer satisfaction to all our customers. Depending on the kind of service, we also offer same day repairing service as well. Lastly, our get in touch section page is helpful which helps the customer to inform their device issue in details. According to the need of the customer, our technician gets in touch and solves the issue.