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Has it happened to you before or is this your first time?

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It has happened to the best of us. That beloved smart device has dropped from your usually undivided grip and the glass has smashed.
IMFIXED is the next step we come to you and fix that screen infront of you! Dont worry we don't take long.

Broken Screen?

Fed up of all the people asking how you managed to break the screen? Let's make this look better than new!

Hello can you hear me?

Something wrong with your speaker, mic, headphone jack or earpiece? We will fix it!

What does this button do?

Power button, home button, volume or silent we can get these fidly guys out and replaced with working ones!

Won't turn on?

The phone wont turn on? How annoying. This can be caused by mutiple reasons but we can probably fix it!

Battery Broken?

Who wants a battery that hardly works anymore? We will replace that power hungry sucker for you!

Won't charge?

Fed up of twisting and having to stand on one leg whilst touching your nose to get this to charge? Let's replace it!


As much as we wish we could give the IM FIXED stamp on every device sent to us we just don't have the bits and bolts needed to fix everything. Check out what devices we can fix below and click the phone of choice to begin the process of getting your device fixed!


It's really, really easy...

1. Booking the fix.

Click the device you want to repair above and choose one of our three methods of repair. Call out, Drop off and Send In. Follow the process and on screen instructions to book your repair. You will then recieve an email confirming your repair!

2. We repair your device.

We repair your device using your chosen method, sometimes this is within 1 day and we offer customers a full 6 month warranty with any work we take out on your device. We will then send the device back to you.

3. Job well done

We only take payment for anything fixed once your device has actually been fixed. We make sure your 100% happy and that's it. Oh and if we dont fix it... you dont pay.



What are you waiting for? Contact us for a quote!

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