Best iPhone Screen Protectors for 2021

Best iPhone Screen Protectors for 2021

iPhone X Screen ProtectorBest iPhone Screen Protectors for 2021

The screen is the most important part of modern-day phones. So, it's important to guard it with a quality screen protector. The Apple flagships are among the best-looking phones because of their classy and minimalist design. Hence, you should buy the best screen guard to keep your iPhone protected. A screen guard helps to keep your phone safe from scratches and cracks when it hits the floor or when other accidents occur. With a screen guard, your phone screen will continue to look as good as new. However, it is difficult to make the right choice when buying an iPhone screen guard. That’s why we will review the best iPhone screen protectors for 2021 in this post.

Screen guards are a topic of debate among smartphone and tablet users. Are they worth the investment, or are they just an unnecessary accessory? In this 1000-word description, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of screen guards to help you make an informed decision. Screen protectors are thin, transparent layers that adhere to the surface of electronic device screens, such as smartphones and tablets. They are designed to shield the screen from scratches, impacts, and other potential damage. The primary types of screen guards are tempered glass and plastic film guards, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Tempered glass screen guards are made of reinforced glass that offers excellent protection against scratches and minor impacts. They are known for their durability and high transparency, preserving the original display quality. These screen protectors are generally easy to install, and they feel more like the actual screen when touched. On the other hand, plastic film guards are thinner and more flexible. They are typically cheaper than tempered glass protectors and can offer decent scratch protection. However, they are less durable and may not be as effective against severe impacts. Some users prefer plastic film protectors due to their lightweight and smoother application. To determine whether screen protectors are worth it, we should consider several factors, including the benefits they offer, the cost, and personal preferences. Let's delve into these aspects: 1. Scratch Protection: Screen guards excel at safeguarding your device's screen from scratches. Everyday items like keys, coins, or sand particles can inadvertently cause minor scratches on your screen. Screen protectors act as sacrificial layers, absorbing the damage while keeping your original screen pristine. 2. Impact Protection: In terms of impact protection, tempered glass screen guards are more effective at absorbing shocks from accidental drops or impacts. They provide an extra layer of security, potentially preventing the need for costly screen repairs or replacements. Plastic film protectors offer some impact resistance but are generally less robust. 3. Cost: One of the key considerations is the cost of screen protectors. Plastic film protectors are more affordable, typically costing a few dollars, while tempered glass protectors can be slightly more expensive. However, when compared to the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged screen, the initial investment in a screen protector can be considered a wise choice. 4. Ease of Installation: Installing a screen protector can be a DIY project or done professionally. Many users find the installation process straightforward for both tempered glass and plastic film protectors. However, it's essential to follow the instructions carefully to avoid bubbles or misalignment. Some may prefer having their protectors installed by professionals for a perfect application. 5. Aesthetic Considerations: Screen protectors are designed to be as transparent as possible, but they may affect the visual quality of your device's screen slightly. Some users may notice a difference in touch sensitivity or clarity with certain screen guards. Choosing a high-quality protector can help minimize these issues. 6. Personal Preference: Personal preference plays a significant role in determining whether screen guards are worth it. Some users prefer the peace of mind that comes with added protection, while others are willing to take the risk of using their devices without protectors. It ultimately depends on your lifestyle and how you use your device. 7. Resale Value: If you plan to resell or trade in your device in the future, having a screen guard can help maintain its overall condition, potentially increasing its resale value. A device with a pristine screen is more attractive to buyers. 8. Long-Term Savings: While screen guards may seem like an additional expense, they can save you money in the long run. Preventing screen damage through the use of protectors can spare you from costly screen repairs or replacements, which can be a significant financial burden. 9. Customization: Some screen guards offer additional features, such as privacy filters, anti-glare coatings, or blue light reduction. These features can enhance your user experience and provide additional value. In conclusion, whether screen protectors are worth it depends on your individual needs and priorities. If you prioritize scratch and impact protection, are concerned about preserving your device's value, or simply prefer the peace of mind that comes with extra protection, investing in a high-quality screen guard is a sensible choice. While there is a cost involved, it can be significantly less than the expense of repairing or replacing a damaged screen. Ultimately, the decision to use a screen protector is a personal one, but considering the benefits they offer, many users find them to be a valuable addition to their devices.

20 Benefits of a Screen Protector:

1. Protection against scratches 2. Enhanced durability of your screen 3. Prevention of smudges and fingerprints 4. Reduced glare and reflections 5. Improved touch sensitivity 6. Shielding against minor drops and impacts 7. Maintaining screen clarity 8. Resale value preservation for your device 9. Enhanced privacy with privacy screen protectors 10. Custom fit for various device models 11. Easy installation and replacement 12. Maintaining a clean and clear screen 13. Reduction in UV radiation exposure 14. Resistant to dirt and dust 15. Compatibility with cases and covers 16. Scratch repair and reduction 17. Increased screen longevity 18. Fingerprint and oil resistance 19. Anti-glare for outdoor use 20. Easy cleaning and maintenance While these are some key benefits, it's important to consider the specific needs of your device and how a screen protector can address them.  

Best iPhone Screen Protectors for 2021

  1. Privacy Screen Protector for the iPhone 11 Pro by Magglass

The Magglass iPhone 11 Pro Privacy screen guard is one of the best on the market and is very effective for phone screen protection. It safeguards your phone against prying eyes. It comes with a thin tempered glass screen guard with an anti-spy finish. This will ensure that the person next to you is unable to see what you’re doing. Apart from protecting your data from spies, it also protects the screen from cracks, scratches, and other damage. It provides full coverage, along with a design that fits comfortably into its protective case. The Magglass iPhone 11 Pro Privacy screen guard's 9H hardness rating keeps it at par with the optimal standard of iPhone screen protection. It comes with a double tempered layer for shatterproof protection. Its touch screen sensitivity remains outstanding despite the high level of protection. The screen protector lets you use your phone as if there wasn’t anything on the screen. In addition to that, it offers fingerprint resistance. Therefore, there are no delays, lags, or missed command issues. The screen protector package includes a dust remover, an alcohol wipe, and a microfiber cloth. In addition to that, it comes with a drop-in alignment applicator to help put the screen guard on without any bubbles or seams.
  1. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This screen guard is one of the most popular iPhone screen protectors, and it is available at a lower price. It's mostly used to protect the iPhone X and iPhone XS, but it’s also available for other flagship models. The Spigen tempered glass screen guard is easy to install because it comes with an auto-alignment installation kit. The pack contains two screen guards, and that’s to help you have a replacement on hand in case the first goes bad. However, you should be careful when installing to steer clear of creating a rainbow gap on the edges of the phone screen. This screen guard comes with a 9H hardness, which means it will make your tough and protect it from any kind of damage like cracks and scratches. Its touchscreen responsiveness and sensitivity aren’t affected despite the high level of protection. It has an oleophobic coating that minimises your fingerprint marks and keeps your screen clean. 3. Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector: This is a rounded protector that fits well on the edges of the iPhone screen. Rounded edges are known to decrease the risk of phone screen damage. Actually, the biggest selling point of this product is that it has a rounded edge and is made of real glass. This product comes with Whitestone’s patented Liquid Dispersion Technology that can be used to fill in and mend existing scratches. The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector is packaged with an install frame and UV curing rights to decrease the chances of air bubbles or errors. However, it is somewhat difficult to apply the screen guard. You have to put the glue on before sticking on the glass protector. So, lots of patience is required from you. It’s a bit pricey when compared to other products, and that’s because it’s made from chemically treated glass. This glass screen protector gives strong competition to other products in the market, especially where warranty is concerned. That’s because the product comes with a 10-year warranty.
  1. Moshi IonGlass Screen Protector

That's because Moshi IonGlass screen guard is stronger and more durable than tempered glass, and that’s because it's atomically strengthened. It also goes beyond shielding the screen from breaks and scratches. It was designed to protect the onscreen content from spies. This will make sure that the person next to you is unable to see what’s on your phone screen. This product has an oleophobic coating, which minimises your fingerprint marks and keeps your screen clean. Besides, it is 40% thinner when compared to other generic glass screen protectors. This screen protector is also more expensive than its competitors, and that might discourage some buyers. However, the process of application is relatively easier when compared to other products, and air pockets are usually formed around the edges. It is worthwhile to note that Moshi offers a 10-year global warranty on all their products.
  1. Otterbox Alpha Glass Screen Protector

OtterBox is a screen guard that is well known because of its durability and protection. They also produce some of the best iPhone cases on the market. Your iPhone is guaranteed to have full-proof protection if you have both the Otterbox screen protector and a case. The protector is made with anti-shatter glass. Therefore, there are no cracks or scratches. The glass is fully transparent, and that helps to preserve the screen's clarity and sharpness. Despite the level of technology employed, it doesn’t affect the screen's responsiveness. You’ll enjoy your iPhone as if there were no protectors. This screen protector doesn’t have the oleophobic capabilities that help to minimise the fingerprint mark. It also lacks dust-protection technology. Nonetheless, it remains a strong and durable iPhone screen protector.

This is 2021, and screen protectors are designed for more reasons than just to protect screens. There are some other benefits that come with screen protectors, and that’s what we discussed above. Whether you’re looking to minimise blue light emission to prevent eye strain, protect your phone from spies, or minimise fingerprint marks, buying a quality protector for your iPhone is a good investment.

Best iPhone Screen Protectors for 2021


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Best iPhone Screen Protectors for 2021

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