Does A Cracked Screen Affect Your Iphone?

Does A Cracked Screen Affect Your Iphone?

Does A Cracked Screen Affect Your Iphone?

It is easy to crack your phone screen these days, as a simple drop can damage it and give the owner a mini heart attack. The iPhone display is typically made of glass or acrylic, which is prone to damage if it receives a significant impact. Apart from the obvious defacing of the phone, there are other issues associated with a cracked screen. To emphasise this point, tech behemoths such as Apple explicitly state in their Health and Safety Warranty Guide that such smartphones should be withdrawn from further use immediately.Does a cracked screen affect your iPhone? Let us take a look at why we should refrain from using a cracked phone screen:

Does A Cracked Screen Affect Your Iphone?

  • Finger cuts from splinters 
This is a health risk associated with cracked iPhone screens as it becomes easy for you to sustain cuts to your fingers when you swipe through your screen. It can even cause more damage if the cracks are severe.
  • Malfunction of the touch screen

A broken phone screen will not improve in functionality, but rather depreciate with time. This might significantly affect the way your phone responds to finger gestures and it might stop responding totally. Also, the damaged screen becomes susceptible to external agents like finger oil, dust and debris as the cracks make it easy for them to be trapped, which can cause further damage.
  • Eye Strain

iPhones have a high-definition display that offers an unrivalled user viewing experience, and when it breaks, it can make for unpleasant viewing. It becomes difficult to look at the screen properly to browse through your phone’s content, especially around the cracked areas. Using your phone becomes a tedious job and time-consuming as you will have to spend more time squinting your eyes to understand what you are looking at. Believe me, it is a task you do not want to experience.
  • Exposure to harmful radiation

As classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), radio frequencies from cellphones are "possibly carcinogenic to humans." Also, the American Cancer Society further stated that more investigation and research must be conducted to conclusively say that cell phone use poses no form of health risk to users. So, by default, smartphones generally give off harmful radiation. These radiations can easily influence our body cells, causing them to malfunction. Therefore, if a phone’s internal systems are exposed through a cracked screen, there could be repercussions for its users.
  • Loss of Protection

When the outer screen is damaged, the inner screen is exposed to potential malfunction. If you used to clean your iPhone with liquid before, it has become impossible to do so anymore because, with a cracked screen, liquid can easily seep through the cracks and cause the phone to short circuit. And even if your iPhone is water-resistant, a cracked screen automatically invalidates this functionality.


The use of cracked phone screens is not only an eyesore but can affect the users' health-wise. Thus, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions when using an iPhone with a cracked screen. Do you have an iPhone that requires repair? Visit our IMFixed store today.
  A cracked screen can have various effects on a phone, ranging from cosmetic issues to functional problems. In this comprehensive 1000-word description, we will delve into the impact of a cracked screen on different aspects of a smartphone, including its aesthetics, touch functionality, overall usability, potential risks, and available solutions. 1. Aesthetics and First Impressions: A cracked screen significantly impacts the visual appeal of a smartphone. It can make the device look unsightly and diminish the user's perception of the phone's overall quality. In addition, it can lead to sharp edges that may pose a safety hazard. 2. Touch Functionality: One of the most immediate and noticeable effects of a cracked screen is the impairment of touch functionality. The touchscreen may become unresponsive or register incorrect inputs, making it challenging to use the phone effectively. 3. Screen Visibility: Cracks can obscure parts of the screen, making it difficult to view content clearly. This reduced screen visibility can be especially problematic when reading text, viewing images, or watching videos. 4. Potential for Further Damage: A cracked screen is often a fragile one. It is more susceptible to further damage, including water ingress, dust, and dirt accumulation. Small particles can infiltrate the cracks and potentially harm the internal components. 5. Risk of Injuries: Sharp shards of glass from a cracked screen can be a safety hazard. Users risk cutting their fingers or even damaging their eyes if they come into contact with the broken screen. It's essential to exercise caution when handling a phone with a cracked screen. 6. Impact on Resale Value: The value of a phone with a cracked screen is significantly lower than one in pristine condition. If you plan to sell or trade in your device in the future, the cracked screen will likely reduce its resale value. 7. Functionality Issues: Beyond touch functionality, other phone features may be affected by a cracked screen. For instance, the proximity sensor or ambient light sensor may malfunction, causing issues during calls and adaptive screen brightness adjustments. 8. Impact on Durability: A cracked screen can undermine the overall durability of the phone. It may no longer withstand normal wear and tear, which could lead to more extensive damage in the long run. 9. Potential for Data Loss: In extreme cases, a severe impact that causes a cracked screen can lead to data loss. This might occur if the phone's internal storage or components are damaged. Regular backups are crucial to mitigate this risk. 10. Touch Screen Repair Options: Fortunately, there are various repair options available for addressing a cracked screen. These include screen replacements, which involve removing the damaged screen and installing a new one. Repair shops and manufacturers' service centers often offer this service. 11. DIY Screen Repair Kits: For those with some technical skills, DIY screen repair kits are available. These kits typically include the necessary tools and replacement screens. However, they require a degree of expertise and can be challenging for inexperienced users. 12. Warranty and Insurance Coverage: Some smartphones come with manufacturer warranties or extended protection plans that cover screen repairs. If the phone is still under warranty or covered by insurance, you may be able to get the screen repaired or replaced at a reduced cost. 13. Professional Repair Services: Many third-party repair shops specialize in fixing cracked screens. These services are often quicker and more cost-effective than sending your phone to the manufacturer's service center. 14. Considerations Before Repair: Before deciding on a repair method, consider factors like the extent of the damage, cost, and the age of the phone. It may not be worth investing in an expensive repair for an older device. 15. Screen Protectors and Cases: Preventive measures can help minimize the risk of a cracked screen. Using screen protectors and protective cases can provide an additional layer of defense against drops and impacts. 16. DIY Solutions: Temporary DIY solutions, such as applying clear tape to cover the cracks, can help prevent further damage and keep the phone usable until you can arrange for a professional repair. 17. Repair Cost: The cost of repairing a cracked screen varies depending on factors like the phone model, extent of damage, and the chosen repair service. It's essential to obtain cost estimates and compare options before proceeding with a repair. 18. Impact on Waterproofing: Many modern smartphones are designed to be water-resistant. A cracked screen can compromise this feature, making the phone vulnerable to water damage. 19. Impact on Display Quality: Even after a screen replacement, the display quality may not be exactly the same as the original. Users may notice variations in color accuracy, brightness, and touch sensitivity. 20. The Emotional Toll: A cracked screen can be emotionally distressing for the phone's owner. It can lead to frustration, anxiety, and a diminished sense of pride in the device. 21. Environmental Considerations: The disposal of a cracked screen and its replacement components can have environmental implications. Responsible recycling or disposal is essential to minimize electronic waste. 22. Learning from the Experience: Experiencing a cracked screen can be a lesson in device care. Users may become more cautious and invest in protective measures to avoid future incidents. 23. Cracked Screen Prevalence: Cracked screens are a common issue among smartphone users. Due to the fragile nature of glass screens and the prevalence of accidental drops, many people have encountered this problem. 24. The Role of Screen Material: The type of glass used in a phone's screen can impact how it cracks. Some glass types are more resistant to shattering, while others may crack more easily but are less prone to scratches. 25. User Responsibility: Ultimately, users bear a significant responsibility for preventing cracked screens. Proper handling, using protective accessories, and being cautious in high-risk situations, like outdoor activities, can help avoid this issue. 26. Phone Design and Durability: Phone manufacturers are continually striving to enhance the durability of their devices. This includes using tougher materials for screens and improving drop resistance. 27. Screen Repair as a Business: The prevalence of cracked screens has given rise to a thriving repair industry. Numerous businesses specialize in screen repairs, and they play a crucial role in keeping phones functional. 28. Innovations in Screen Technology: Advancements in screen technology, such as flexible displays and foldable screens, may change how we perceive and address cracked screens in the future. These technologies offer new possibilities for screen repair and replacement. 29. Insurance and Extended Warranty Considerations: Some users choose to invest in phone insurance or extended warranties to protect against cracked screens. These options can provide peace of mind and financial security in case of accidental damage. 30. Accessibility Concerns: For individuals with disabilities, a cracked screen can exacerbate usability issues. It's vital to consider accessibility features and adaptability when addressing this problem. 31. Consequences of Ignoring the Issue: Delaying the repair of a cracked screen can lead to more extensive damage, higher repair costs, and potential data loss. It's essential to address the issue promptly. 32. Psychological Impact: The psychological impact of a cracked screen is worth noting. Users may experience stress, frustration, and a sense of carelessness if their device sustains damage. 33. Screen Replacement vs. Device Upgrade: In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to upgrade to a new device rather than investing in a screen replacement. This decision depends on factors such as the age of the phone, the cost of the repair, and the availability of newer features in the latest models. Users should carefully evaluate their options and make an informed choice. 34. Cracked Screen Etiquette: Using a phone with a cracked screen in public may lead to social stigma. Some users feel embarrassed or judged by others for not addressing the issue promptly. Practicing good screen etiquette involves being considerate of others' perceptions. 35. User Feedback and Support Communities: The internet is a valuable resource for users dealing with cracked screens. Online forums, social media groups, and support communities provide a platform for sharing experiences, seeking advice, and finding solutions to screen-related problems. 36. Screen Impact on Productivity: For professionals who rely on their smartphones for work, a cracked screen can hinder productivity. Reduced screen visibility, touch issues, and potential data loss can disrupt daily tasks and communication. 37. Impact on Gaming and Entertainment: Cracked screens can detract from the gaming and entertainment experience on smartphones. Users may find it challenging to enjoy games or multimedia content with a compromised display. 38. Ongoing Maintenance: Even after a screen replacement, ongoing maintenance is essential to prevent further issues. Regular cleaning and inspections can help extend the life of the phone and its screen. 39. Responsible Recycling: When it's time to retire a damaged phone, responsible recycling ensures that its components, including the screen, are disposed of or repurposed in an environmentally friendly manner. 40. The Importance of Screen Protection: Prevention is key to avoiding a cracked screen. Using screen protectors and protective cases can significantly reduce the risk of screen damage, ensuring the phone remains in good condition. 41. User Education and Awareness: Promoting awareness about the impact of a cracked screen and educating users about preventive measures is crucial. Smartphone manufacturers, retailers, and repair services play a vital role in this education process. 42. Repair Technological Advances: As technology evolves, so does the repair process for cracked screens. Innovations in repair methods, materials, and tools continue to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of screen replacement. 43. Customization Opportunities: Some users turn a cracked screen into an opportunity for personalization. They may opt for custom designs or artwork to cover the cracks, turning the phone into a unique, albeit unconventional, accessory. 44. Ethical Considerations: The disposal of old screens and damaged components raises ethical questions about electronic waste and the responsible treatment of these materials. Ethical recycling and disposal practices are essential. 45. User Satisfaction and Loyalty: Addressing a cracked screen promptly and effectively can enhance user satisfaction and loyalty. Users who receive satisfactory repair or replacement services are more likely to remain loyal to the brand or service provider. 46. Technological Evolution: The ongoing development of smartphone technology impacts how cracked screens are addressed. Future innovations, such as self-healing materials or advanced repair techniques, may change the landscape of screen repair. 47. The Emotional Connection: For many users, smartphones hold sentimental value and serve as a connection to memories and experiences. A cracked screen can disrupt this emotional connection and lead to a sense of loss. 48. The Human Element: Ultimately, addressing a cracked screen involves a combination of technology and human intervention. Skilled technicians, repair experts, and customer service representatives all play a role in resolving this common issue. 49. User Responsibility: User responsibility extends beyond avoiding physical damage. Maintaining good digital hygiene, such as updating software and protecting against malware, is essential for the long-term health of the phone. 50. Conclusion: In conclusion, a cracked screen affects a smartphone in various ways, from aesthetics and functionality to safety and environmental considerations. The impact can be mitigated through proactive measures such as screen protectors, responsible disposal, and staying informed about repair options. As technology continues to evolve, addressing cracked screens will also evolve, providing users with more effective and efficient solutions for this common issue. Ultimately, the way we deal with cracked screens is a reflection of our responsibility as users and our capacity to adapt to an ever-changing technological landscape.  

Does A Cracked Screen Affect Your Iphone?


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Does A Cracked Screen Affect Your Iphone?

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