How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Screen on the iPhone SE 3rd Generation?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Screen on the iPhone SE 3rd Generation?

With the iPhone SE 3rd Generation being one of the most wallet-friendly iPhone releases, what happens if it gets broken or damaged? Are the repairs still expensive or does it reflect the low price of the iPhone SE 3rd Generation? In this blog, we will answer the question ‘How much does it cost to replace the screen on the iPhone SE 3rd Generation?’ The team at imFixed are here to provide you with premium solutions without the premium costs. We understand how significant our electronic devices are. That’s why we’ve made it our duty to help you with your devices. Our services include phone repair, repair for other devices, business call-outs for repairs, phone unlocking, and being a provider of phones and other smart devices/accessories.

iPhone SE 3rd Generation

In March 2022, the iPhone SE 3rd Generation was announced. This particular model is the updated version of its previous SE counterparts. The goal of the SE line is to provide the benefits available with an iPhone, with a more affordable price tag. As a result, SE models in general have limited features compared to their other model counterparts. This can include…
  • Screen size
  • Battery Life
  • Performance
  • Internal and external features.
That being said, the 3rd generation of iPhone SE’s are an upgraded version of its previous SE releases, reflecting the standards and performance we expect in modern smartphones. With this phone only being a year old (at the time of writing), and so affordable compared to other models of iPhones, it’s no wonder that this model is proving to be popular. You can check the full specifications of this model here.

How can phone screens be broken?

How can phone screens be broken? Phone screens can be broken in quite a few ways, the drawback of having a sensitive and accurate touchscreen, is that glass needs to be used to facilitate it. Glass can break easily if you aren’t careful. Though they can be protected with certain accessories, though they aren’t always full proof, it’s better than having no protection at all. Here are the ways your phone screen can break…
  • Dropping the phone on a hard surfaced floor.
  • Dropping an object on the phone screen.
  • Putting the screen under excess pressure.
  • Putting the phone under immense heat.
  • Scraping the screen with an object.
  • Bending the phone.
  • Submerging the phone underwater or other liquids.
  • Corrosive substances
Sometimes, albeit very rarely, your phone can escape any obvious damage, and may even get a slight crack, but it's common to get a major crack. Having minor or major cracks can result in the following issues to appear with your phone.
  • Dead pixels.
  • Unresponsive/delayed response touch screen.
  • Colours are incorrect.
  • The screen is completely dead.

How can I protect my screen?

When it comes to increasing the durability of your phone, and reducing the likelihood of  damages that can permanently alter a smartphone, phone cases and screen protectors are the two most common accessories.
  • Phone Case – Phone cases cover the entire body of the phone excluding the screen, though there are exceptions to this. They can be made from plastic, metal, rubber, wood, and so much more. They reduce the impact that a caseless phone could easily become cracked from.
  • Screen Protectors – There are more than one kind of screen protector available. One of that is a thin flexible plastic layer, and the other is a ‘glass’ screen protector.
The first option can protect against scratches or scuff marks, but doesn’t have the capability to prevent a screen from cracking. A glass screen protector also protects against scratched and scuff marks, but additionally protects the phone screen from cracks by absorbing the damage first. This means that you can have a cracked screen protector, but a blemish free phone screen beneath it.

How much does it cost to replace the screen on the iPhone SE 3rd Generation?

How much does it cost to replace the screen on the iPhone SE 3rd Generation? imFixed provides an iPhone SE 3rd Generation screen replacement if you require it. Please ask in store, or get in contact with us to discuss the price of this repair. Considering iPhone SE 3rd Generations have a 4.7-inch screen, it will not be hard at all to find the correct replacement part. And considering the value for money provided by this particular phone, the cost of repair will also reflect that sentiment. For those curious, here is the process we undertake in replacing a phone screen:
  • Firstly, we remove the casing that binds the screen to the phone.
  • After this, we carefully remove any connections to the hardware and circuit boards.
  • We then assess the internal hardware to see if any glass from the screen has fallen in there, or if the connections are damaged. (If there are significant damages that cause further faults, we will consult you).
  • We then make the necessary connections between your current hardware and the replacement screen.
  • We test to see if the screen works once connected.
  • Finally, we then reattach the casing, and test the screen once again to ensure the procedure was successful.
  • We contact you to come and collect your newly repaired device.

Can I use a screen from a 1st or 2nd generation iPhone SE as a replacement?

No. Generally, you should not use hardware that is designed specifically for another model of phone. In this specific case, the screens of the 1st or 2nd generation iPhone SE’s may not be the kind to use on a 3rd generation. Additionally, the hardware on the 3rd generation is more advanced, meaning an old phone screen that wasn’t made for it will likely not work. There also may be a different form of connecting the screen to the other internal components, further reducing the level of compatibility.

Repairing through Apple

It is possible to repair your device during or after your manufacturer warranty with apple. The latter option will cost a certain amount, though. Unfortunately, if your iPhone has been bought 2nd hand and the warranty was already registered, you aren’t able to access the benefits of the manufacturer warranty.

Apple extended warranty

Apple does have an additional support plan for your Apple devices, called AppleCare+ which greatly subsidises the cost of phone repairs and gives you access to more support services. Services include 24-hour priority calling, however, you still have to pay a monthly fee of £9.99, this might not be worth it for some, along with a cheaper price to repair the fault at hand. This is a valid option for anyone who has bought their iPhone 2nd hand.

Repair your phone today

Repair your phone today Whatever device, model, or problem you have, imFixed is here to help you get it back up and running. Just pop in or call for collection if you’re in the Greater Manchester area to have your phone repaired and handed back to you on the same day. Or, post your phone to us from elsewhere in the UK for just £9.99 extra, and have your phone repaired and delivered back to your door within 2-3 working days! What are you waiting for? Get your phone repaired today! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding our expert services, or products. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and encourage you to get in touch to get complete peace of mind. Within this blog, we hope to have answered the question ‘How much does it cost to replace the screen on the iPhone SE 3rd Generation?’ while providing all the information you need. In addition to all the relevant services that you need to make an informed decision when it comes to your smart devices. You can find us at: Address 101 Tonge Moor Road Tonge Moor, Bolton Greater Manchester BL2 2DL Phone 077 548 548 69 Email
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