How Much Is iPhone 12 Pro Screen Replacement?

How Much Is iPhone 12 Pro Screen Replacement?

Replacing a iPhone screen can be a hassle. There are so many options, including DIY methods of repairing the screen, or an official Apple repair, or through a phone repair business. But most importantly, which can be the best value for money? In this blog, we will answer the question ‘How much is iPhone 12 Pro screen replacement?’ The team at imFixed are here to provide you with premium solutions without the premium costs. We understand how significant our electronic devices are. That’s why we’ve made it our duty to help you with your devices. Our services include phone repair, repair for other devices, business call-outs for repairs, phone unlocking, and being a provider of phones and other smart devices/accessories.

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro In October 2020, the iPhone 12 Pro was released, this was in conjunction with the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone Pro Max. As the flagship phone of Apple, this range presented the next logical step in improvements to see Apple into the 2020’s. Boasting impressive specifications, it's no wonder that this phone is proving popular and still in use today. And if they have been looked after correctly, you would not know that these phones are 3 years old. You can read the full specifications here.

Why does Apple release a new range of phones every year?

Unfortunately, without having a direct answer from the CEO of Apple, we won’t know the true reason. It could be that Apple products have large technological leaps each release, it could also be that they want to capitalise on some consumers needs to have the best and latest device. Although Apple isn’t the only company guilty of this model of releasing new products, more technologically intrigued consumers would prefer if there wasn’t a new device each year. This is purely because it can be difficult to keep up with, and also, with the longer break between new devices, logic would dictate there would be significantly noticeable upgrades in technology taken place.

When should you replace your screen?

Ideally, phone screens should be replaced immediately after suffering a crack. Any cracks in your screen make it weaker and susceptible to further damage. Further signs your screen needs replacing are:
  • Dead pixels
  • Touch screen isn’t calibrated/being erratic
  • Colour distortion
  • Screen distortion
  • A blank/inactive screen
Screen burn is a sign that your screen may need replacing, but doesn’t affect the performance of your touchscreen to the same degree as the previous signs. Though it does impact the readability of the screen, it doesn’t have to be replaced immediately, though it would be better.

How do I protect my screen?

Aside from the obvious advice to avoid dropping the phone, you can protect your phone screen through a variety of accessories, including screen covers and phone cases. You can find both of these, and more, by following this link.

How much is iPhone 12 Pro screen replacement?

How much is iPhone 12 Pro screen replacement? imFixed provides a iPhone 12 Pro screen replacement for £350. You can expect a full replacement of your screen, meaning not only will it be working good as new, your phone will feel good as new too. In a nutshell, here is the process we undertake in replacing a phone screen:
  • Firstly, we remove the casing that binds the screen to the phone.
  • After this, we carefully remove any connections to the hardware and circuit boards.
  • We then assess the internal hardware to see if any glass from the screen has fallen in there, or if the connections are damaged. (If there are significant damages that cause further faults, we will consult you).
  • We then make the necessary connections between your current hardware and the replacement screen.
  • We test to see if the screen works once connected.
  • Finally we then reattach the casing, and test the screen once again to ensure the procedure was successful.
  • We contact you to come and collect your newly repaired device.

How much do Apple charge for repairs?

Apple only provides an estimate of how much your repair will cost. This pricing can easily rise once Apple repair services have made an assessment on your phone, which is likely to be more, especially if it is a newer iPhone that needs a total replacement. 

Apple Warranties

In the case of Apple, you have a standard manufacturer warranty, however, the likelihood is that accidental damage isn’t covered under your warranty. (Check this before making any choices repair-wise). That being said, you can still go to Apple to get repairs outside the warranty. However, you will be paying for this service.

Apple extended warranty

Apple does have an additional support plan for your Apple devices, called AppleCare+ which greatly subsidises the cost of phone repairs and gives you access to more support services. Services include 24-hour priority calling, however, you still have to pay a monthly fee of £9.99, this might not be worth it for some, along with a cheaper price to repair the fault at hand

Refurbished phones

We would recommend getting a phone repair if it is fairly new and/or has precious memories you would like to try to recover before looking towards getting a replacement. If this is not possible, you should consider purchasing a refurbished phone. But what is a refurbished phone? Most second-hand phones have been repaired aesthetically but not necessarily functionally, so even though there may not be scratches on the back or cracks on the screen, you don’t know that the phone is working well. On the contrary, refurbished phones have been repaired by professionals, meaning the inner workings of the phone have been repaired as well as the outside. That makes refurbished phones slightly more expensive than used or second-hand phones, but it’s worth it to know that the phone is working well and won’t need any urgent repairs, or professional phone unlocking. So, which refurbished phone are available?

iPhone 12 Pro Max – SIM Free

This is the next model up from the iPhone 12 Pro, featuring a larger screen and nominal increases in processing and screen fidelity. This is the perfect option for someone not looking to get something drastically different. Prices begin at £575.

Samsung S20 Plus – SIM Free

The non-Apple equivalent of the iPhone 12, the S20 plus hosts an array of features and customisability not available on iPhones. Click here for the specifications. This is a great option for someone looking to try something different. It is priced at £320. For a full list of our refurbished phones, click here.

Repair iPhone 12 Pro today

Repair iPhone 12 Pro today Whatever device, model, or problem you have, imFixed is here to help you get it back up and running. Just pop in or call for collection if you’re in the Greater Manchester area to have your phone repaired and handed back to you on the same day. Or, post your phone to us from elsewhere in the UK for just £9.99 extra, and have your phone repaired and delivered back to your door within 2-3 working days! What are you waiting for? Get your phone repaired today! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding our expert services, or products. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and encourage you to get in touch to get complete peace of mind. Within this blog, we hope to have answered the question ‘How much is iPhone 12 Pro screen replacement?’ while providing all the information you need. In addition to all the relevant services that you need to make an informed decision when it comes to your smart devices. You can find us at: Address 101 Tonge Moor Road Tonge Moor, Bolton Greater Manchester BL2 2DL Phone 077 548 548 69 Email
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