How Much Will It Cost to Repair an iPhone 11 Pro Screen?

How Much Will It Cost to Repair an iPhone 11 Pro Screen?

We’ve all been through those horrifying moments of hearing your phone smack against the ground as you knock it off the table or the arm of your chair and then reluctantly picking it up to see the web of cracks across the screen, knowing that one simple mistake has just made your life inconvenient or you’ve added another expense to the list that you hadn’t budgeted for… But luckily, it’s easier than ever to have your phone screen fixed, and, despite Apple making their technology difficult to fix yourself, there are plenty of phone repair shops across the UK that can fix your iPhones so you don’t have to wait weeks while your phone gets shipped off to be repaired somewhere else. At IMFixed, our team of experts know how important our phones are to us in the modern age, which is why we repair many different devices over just a few days, and for a competitive price.  

How Much Will It Cost to Repair an iPhone 11 Pro Screen?

How Much Will It Cost to Repair an iPhone 11 Pro Screen?

Repairing a broken iPhone screen in the UK can cost anywhere from £20 to £500, depending on the model of the phone. An iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement will typically cost £80 - £300, with Apple charging £289 to replace the broken screen. But at IMFixed, you can have your iPhone 11 Pro screen replaced for just £70.00, and your iPhone 11 Max Pro screen replaced for just £100.00! Given the importance of phones in our lives today, with our contacts, camera, social media applications, work applications, banking details and much more, no one wants to break a phone, especially if they have to pay extortionate prices to get it fixed. That’s why all of our phone, tablet, computer and games console repairs are affordably priced, so no one has to lose out. You can bring your broken phone into a store for same-day repairs, or post it to us for just £9.99 and have it repaired and sent back to your door within 3 working days.

Does AppleCare+ Cover Screen Repairs?

While every iPhone has a year-long warranty, this is purely for manufacturer faults and not for accidental damage. However, AppleCare+ extends this warranty and heavily subsidises screen repairs, so you only have to pay £25 for them to replace your phone screen rather than their normal charge of £289. So, if you have AppleCare+, it’s more cost-effective to utilise this care and just pay the £25 fee rather than £70-100 in a local phone shop. However, Apple doesn't do many in-house repairs so it’s very likely you’ll have to have your phone sent away for repairs, which usually takes around one week, or 6 working days before your phone is ready for you to collect. This is a much longer processing time than local phone shops, so it can be more convenient for most people to simply have their phones fixed locally. Can You Repair an iPhone Screen Yourself?

How Long Does it Take to Replace an iPhone Screen?

How long it takes to replace an iPhone screen, or perform any phone repairs, is largely dependent on where you take your phone to be fixed, as some smaller shops may have to order parts in, which can take a few days before they’ve even started working on it. Similarly, sending off your iPhone to be repaired by Apple can take around one week before you receive your phone again, as it has to be delivered to their repair shop, diagnosed, fixed and sent back to you. At IMFixed, you can post us your phone from anywhere in the UK, we’ll replace the screen and send your phone back to you within just 2-3 working days! And even better, if you live in the Greater Manchester area, you can simply bring your phone to one of your stores, where we’ll have all the necessary equipment ready to repair your phone screen on the same day. Can You Repair an iPhone Screen Yourself?

Can You Repair an iPhone Screen Yourself?

Some people have urgent business on their phones so they don’t want to wait for a repair shop to fix it, and others just want to cut costs and try a phone repair themselves. Whatever your reasons, it is possible to repair any phone screen yourself, provided you have the right equipment. However, iPhones and all Apple products are notoriously tricky to fix yourself, so while it’s possible, repairing an iPhone screen yourself can be very challenging. Moreover, attempting to dismantle your phone yourself or damaging the phone in any way will very likely void your warranty, so it’s highly inadvisable to try to work on your own iPhone. That said, if you’re willing to give it a go, you can buy iPhone 11 Pro screens online for around £60 (iPhone parts can change drastically in price when models become outdated or new iPhones are released). Then, you’ll need to get yourself the following items:
  • a pentalobe screwdriver to undo the screws holding the screen in place
  • something to heat up the phone to remove the adhesive on the screen such as a hairdryer
  • a suction cup to remove the screen
  • a pry tool to remove the screen
  • (very sticky tape to remove the screen if it’s shattered into small pieces).
You’ll have to remove many different small parts of the iPhone in order to apply the new screen, each attached with tiny screws, so be careful not to mix them up or lose any, as this will stop your phone from working. Et voilà! If you manage to do all of this successfully, then congratulations are in order. But if, like most people, this list of tools, warnings and brief instructions have scared you, then as you can see, it’s much easier (and safer) to simply take your phone to be repaired by a professional. Is it Worth Getting Your Phone Screen Fixed?

Is it Worth Getting Your Phone Screen Fixed?

When we talk about repairing or fixing phone screens, what we mean is replacing the screen. There’s no simple way of sticking small pieces of broken glass together and still allowing for the same phone functionality: the screen needs to be removed and replaced by a new one. So, to the point of whether it’s worth replacing a phone screen or simply buying a new one, absolutely it is! A new iPhone 11 Pro will cost you upwards of £250 - over £180 more than having your iPhone screen replaced at IMFixed! - while the most recent iPhone model will easily cost double. What’s more, each iPhone has different specifications, so buying a new case, earphones or other accessories to fit your new model is an additional, and unnecessary, expense. You can find old or refurbished iPhones in certain shops, but you should make sure you know what you’re looking for in an iPhone and check the reputation of the company before making a purchase, especially if you’re buying a second-hand phone online Getting your old phone screen repaired is much cheaper and is already set up just as you want it. Of course, if you’ve had enough of iPhones and want to return to the old days of having an indestructible Nokia 105, you’ll spend much less on a new phone than having your old iPhone screen repaired, however, you would be committing to not having all of the modern conveniences like maps, high-quality cameras and banking apps at your fingertips.

Get Your Phone Repaired with IMFixed!

At IMFixed, we want to help you get back up and running quickly with your broken devices. Call us or pop into our repair shops if you’re in Blackburn, Bolton, Bury or Greater Manchester, or book a post-off repair from anywhere in the UK to make the most of our high-quality and low-priced repairs. We fix anything from:
  • Phones (including unlocking)
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Games consoles
So, what are you waiting for? Book your device fix today!
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