There’s a better way to SAVE your phone if you drop it in water

WE'VE all heard that putting a drenched smartphone into a bag of rice is a sure-fire way to bring it back from the brink. But a new test has shown that there is a much better alternative.

Unless you own the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, your smartphone or tablet probably won't be too happy when you drop in water.

You must have heard that turning the phone off, and sealing it in a bag of rice is the miracle cure for a water-logged handset.

The theory goes is that the absorbent rice will suck the water from the circuitry inside your phone. And it does.

But there is an alternative and a much better way.

According to tests, there is a wet-phone hack that is much more effective than rice. The trick is cat litter.

As soon as your phone gets wet, immediately switch it off, shake the liquid out as quickly as possible and let it air dry.

Or you can drop the handset (switched off) into a bag of (unused) crystal cat litter.

Three days in the cat litter will reportedly give your phone the best possible chance of recovering from its dip.

Good luck!