How to reset an iPad using this step-by-step guide

Believe me, when we say, we understand how frustrating ut us when you need to reset your iPad. Which is why we had to create this guide on how to do a soft and hard reset for your iPad.

One of the defining features of the Apple brand is its security system. That's why it is essential to save the user password that you created when you set up your iPad. But maybe, you did not do so, and now, you find yourself in a situation where you need to reset the system and start the configuration all over again.

The first solution you find, the easiest, most comfortable and most effective one, is to go to an Apple technical service, deliver the iPad, and wait for the specialists to do their job. The downside is that you will be without a tablet for several days and, if you need it to work, you need to find find a faster alternative too.

In this article, we'll offer you a guide to resetting your iPad from the various options that the same installed Apple applications allow you to do. Here are some of the solutions that work.

How to reset your iPad

Reset your iPad using iTunes.

Many Apple users don't know that iTunes isn't just a music player. In addition to being able to listen to music, iTunes is also a powerful IOS reset tool, among other functions that it also performs. To restore your iPad using this application, you must follow the following steps:

1.- The first thing you must do is connect, for example, with your charging cable, the iPad to a desktop computer in one of the USB connections that the PC has.

2.- Once the menu is displayed on the PC screen, open the iTunes application by clicking on the iTunes image that appears on the device.

3.- The third step to complete is to locate the menu that will be shown on the left side of the screen, where you are offered a series of options to perform. Take your mouse to the "Summary" function and click.

4.- Once inside the "Summary" option, you will see that another menu of options is displayed on the right side. Select "Restore iPad". Finally, click the "OK" button and the device will be reset. This will reset the iPad and allow you to access your device again.

Reset your iPad using iCloud.

The second option is to use Apple's storage cloud, iCloud. However, this option requires an Internet connection for the resetting, because the storage cloud only works inside the network. Another option Apple offers users is to use iCloud. This storage cloud can be very effective when it comes to solving problems with your iPad.

Before you reset your iPad, it is a good idea to make a backup of all of your tablet files. Once you restore your system, anything you don't have on file will be lost. Once the backup is made, make sure you have the "Find my iPad" option enabled, you will need it.

how to reset your ipad

As soon as you have all the prerequisites solved, you can start with the reset process, which we explain in this little guide:

  1. The first step is to access iCloud from your desktop computer. You will have to login into iCloud from your desktop computer by entering your Apple ID and your password.
  2. Once inside, a menu of options will be displayed. You should find the above mentioned "Find my iPad" option. In the menu, click "Search".
  3. When you click "Search," you'll be presented with an option that says "all devices," so go inside and find your iPad. Click on the iPad image.
  4. You are now managing the options that will allow you to restore the system. Select the third tab, where it says "Delete iPad".
  5. The last step is to confirm the action "Delete iPad". This will delete all content on your Tablet, including the lock screen, so you can enter your device directly.

To recover all data that has been deleted by resetting the iPad, you must restore your backup. Do this with the most recent one, looking at the date and time of the backup in question, and you'll be sure you haven't lost any files or photos.

Reset an iPad without a password.

It may also be the case that you don't have access to iTunes or iCloud, because you simply don't use these applications. That's why we're going to add a third option to reset your iPad. This option will be performed without using any Apple applications you already have installed, but rather from applications developed by third external companies.

These apps are called unlockers. These programs are designed to work more efficiently than Apple applications. You can easily find them on the Internet, some of them are free, and they usually work in a very similar way, so we can create a simple guide to use them.

  1. Find a compatible unlocker or resetter with your iPad on the internet, you will find easily searching for them. Download it and install it on your PC.
  2. Once installed the program, connect your iPad to your PC, using the same charging cable, which we recommend is always an original Apple cable, because it will avoid connection errors, to the USB port provided by your PC.
  3. It is time to start the installed program and make it work. Generally, this type of programs will ask you to download an online file from internet, to can make the work and the reset correctly.
  4. You have already downloaded the online file required for the firmware to work, so, once you have done all the operations, you will only have to search for the option that allows you to reset the device, and the same program will do everything.
  5. Once the whole reset process is complete, you can go into your iPad again without having to include a password, as all functions are reset to the factory settings. Don't forget to restore the backup you made so that, once you create a new password, you will be able to recover all your saved files before performing the reset.

Final thoughts

These are the most effective solutions you have for resetting and reconfiguring your iPad by yourself. However, if your iPad is still not working correctly, you may want to bring it into our expert team to take a look at!

Also, did you know we do a call out service? Yes, that's right, we will come to your home or place of work to fix your iPad.

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