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Console Repair in Manchester 

As a game enthusiast, your gaming consoles are something you cannot afford to take with levity. In fact, when the consoles start to malfunction or develop some faults, it can make the "used-to-be joyful moments" become a frustrating experience. 

Keeping your gaming console is the best option for having a fun gaming experience with your friends and family. Based on the admiration of gaming consoles, gamers don’t mind shelling out money for quick and effective console repair services. 

You always need to remember that any time your gaming console breaks down, it can be fixed; you need an experienced and reliable gaming console repair service firm to help you solve all the problems quickly. 

We offer a quick and efficient gaming console repair service. 

IM Fixed has been a leading console repair service firm for over a decade, and we have, since then, delivered to the highest standard. 

Our gaming console repair technicians have gained experience working with top gaming companies such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. As a result, we guarantee that you will not find any difference between our repaired gaming console and the brand new one. The reason is simple; our technicians learned from the manufacturers directly.



Repair at your location We come to you- At home, your workplace or even a hotel - to fix your device. It's as simple as that!

1 hour window Book a 1 hour timeslot for our technician to arrive via SMS or Email

Same Day Repair Same Day Repair anywhere in Greater Manchester

Price Promise We want you to be confident that you are getting the best price.

12 Month Warranty I’m Fixed guarantee all repairs for 12 months,

At IM Fixed, we offer quick and excellent gaming console repair services for Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, and Microsoft Xbox. Here are some of the critical issues that our experienced gaming console technicians can fix perfectly: 

  • Physical Damage 

When you are carried away with the excitement of the game, you might accidentally drop the console on the floor, which can damage its physical part. In that case, you don’t have to get a new one necessarily. We can help you restore it to its initial good-looking condition. 

  • Hard Drive Error 

When your gaming console refuses to connect or the buttons are no longer working perfectly, that might result from hard drive issues. When you notice that your gaming console is starting to develop some hard drive errors, IM Fixed has permanent solutions. 

  • Software Updates 

We have the expertise to handle any software update issues that might affect your gaming console's efficiency. Our software update solutions take only a few minutes to complete.

 Power Problems 

When your gaming console refuses to turn on or off, the best thing to do is to bring it IM fixed. We’ll solve the power problems of your gaming console on the spot. 

  • WI-Fi Problems 

When your gaming console begins to have Wi-Fi issues, there is no way you can enjoy the game to the fullest. We can help you fix your console Wi-Fi issues at a very low price.

 USB Port Damage 

Our technicians know the right approach to fixing your gaming console's USB port issues without complications. We have a permanent solution to any USB port problem. 

  • Faulty Button or Joystick 

Are your console buttons no longer working? Or have they become too loose to tap instantly? Let our experienced technicians restore your console to the way you got it when you first bought it. 

  • Damage to the Charging Port 

When your gaming console refuses to hold a charge or charges very slowly, it might be that the charging port has developed some flaws. We can help you solve the problem in just a few minutes. 

  • Screen Repair or Replacement 

IM Fixed is a genius at screen repair or replacement. It is one of our high points in the repair services. You can depend on us for a smooth, quick screen repair or replacement for your console.