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  • 12 month warranty – Against faulty parts or labour but no damage
  • Discounted Screen Protection – Reduce the risk of your screen breaking again

Phone Maker: iPhone 5c

Model: iPhone 5c Screen Replacement & Other Repairs

It's a frustrating experience when your iPhone 5c is damaged, whether it's a screen crack or perhaps your battery is rapidly discharged. At IMFixed, we are dedicated to providing high-quality express turnarounds for iPhone 5c screen repair, so you will have your phone back looking good in no time. The iPhone 5c offers users the same features as the iPhone 5 but with a colourful rear casing and is cost effective. It included the latest iOS version with handy features such as Control Centre. It also offers an 8MP iSight camera with a single LED flash and an improved battery life than the iPhone 5. Even the smallest of cracks to your iPhone 5c screen will require full screen replacement. Our iPhone 5c screen replacement comes with both LCD/digitizer and glass screen bonded together and is even backed by lifetime warranty. We also provide repairs for other faults you are encountering with your device. From your camera not capturing sharp and clear shots, your device being damaged by water to needing a replacement battery and more. Come in and speak with an ImFixed repair specialist in-store, who can provide a quick diagnosis and solve the problem for you. Need an iPhone 5c screen repair or other repairs? Visit an IMFixed store for an express repair service today.