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  • 12 month warranty – Against faulty parts or labour but no damage
  • Discounted Screen Protection – Reduce the risk of your screen breaking again

What to do if your Huawei Y6 S has water damage?

It happens all the time – we drop our Huawei Y6 S in the bath or the sink. Then, you will wonder if drying your phone in a bag or rice works – or drying it on the radiator works. This is not the way to fix a water-damaged Huawei Y6 S! Here’s what to do;
  • 1. If your Huawei Y6 S is turned on, switch it off
  • 2. If it’s switched off, leave it off
  • 3. Take your iPhone out of it’s case and shake off the excess water
Then, just bring it to us, and we will make sure we do everything possible to fix your water-damaged Huawei Y6 S. It’s not uncommon to get a broken Huawei Y6 S. Cracked Huawei Y6 S screens are one of the most common issues we see amongst our customers! Don’t worry though, our Huawei Y6 S technician team have years of experience in fixing Huawei Y6 S in Manchester, Bolton and the North West. And, we can offer you a full Huawei Y6 S screen replacement at a competitive cost!