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  Screen Repair in 45 minutes    Highest Quality parts    Qualified Technicians

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  • 12 month warranty – Against faulty parts or labour but no damage
  • Discounted Screen Protection – Reduce the risk of your screen breaking again

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Model: iPad 10.5 Repairs

 It's natural to feel bad when your iPad is damaged, whether it's a screen crack, bad mouthpiece, or rapid battery discharge. We understand that you will want to get it repaired in no time to go back to enjoying its features. At IM Fixed, we are committed to delivering high-quality iPad 10.5 repair services. The iPad 10.5 is so large that it can easily slip from your hands and hit an impact. However, no matter how small the screen crack is, the iPad 10.5 screen will need to be fully replaced. Our tech repair specialists are available to complete your screen replacements. We also repair devices when they encounter other faults apart from screen cracks. From your device being damaged by water, your camera not capturing sharp and clear shots to needing a replacement battery and more. Come in and speak to one of our repair specialists in-store, who can provide a quick diagnosis and solve the problem within a short period. IMFixed operates a no fix no fee policy. We use grade A parts to refurbish iPad 10.5 and for your peace of mind we provide a 1 year warranty on most iPad Repairs. Need an iPad 10.5 screen repair or other repairs? Contact IMFixed today...