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Refurbished iPhone 13 | SIM-Free

Refurbished iPhone 13 | SIM-Free

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Referbished iPhone 13   Referbished Phone Are: An Apple smartphone that has been previously owned and is being marketed as refurbished. The used iPhones could have been exchanged for new models or returned because of a defect. It will have undergone a comprehensive inspection and confirmation that it is in excellent and complete operating order. An iPhone may simply just be a device that a consumer returned within the allotted 14 days if they changed their minds. Refurbished phones occasionally have different "grades" that will let you know how well they are being taken care of. For instance, a Grade A phone will be almost completely scratch- and mark-free. A Grade C phone, however, can have some wear.   Key Features:
  • Unlocked & SIM Free
  • 5G Ready for the fastest network speeds around
  • Ultra-sharp Dual 12 Megapixel rear camera & 12 Megapixel selfie camera
  • 6.1” FHD+ Display
  • Super fast Apple A15 Hexa Core Processor
  • iOS 15
  • 512GB Storage
Beautiful and Durable Design The iPhone 13 features durable flat-edge design and an elegant aluminium frame. The 6.1-inch display features a ceramic shield on the front. With IP68 water resistance rating designed to protect from spills. XDR OLED Display The Super Retina XDR OLED Display delivers incredible contrast ratio for true blacks and impressive outdoor brightness at 800 nits. With high peak brightness for HDR content 1200 nits. Amazing Battery Life The iPhone 13 delivers incredible all day battery life offering up to two and half more hours than the iPhone 12 Advanced Dual-Camera System iPhone 13 lets you take stunning photos and videos.  The wide camera come with 1.7 µm pixels to capture better pictures with sensor-shift optical image stabilisation. And equipped the Ultra Wide camera with a faster sensor. The True Depth camera system has all the latest features from the back cameras allowing a while new stratosphere of selfies. A15 Bionic and the True Depth camera also power Face ID, the most secure facial authentication in a smartphone A15 Bionic The A15 Bionic makes everything more fluid in the iPhone 13. With its nanometre technology it can handle the most demanding tasks. Supported with 6-core CPU making it up 50% faster than competition allowing for more lifelike visuals and lighting effects in graphics-intensive games. Slim Pack Box As part of Apples efforts to reach their environmental goals, iPhone 13 does not include a power adapter or Earphones. Included in the box is a USB‑C to lightning cable that supports fast charging and is compatible with USB‑C power adapters and computer ports. We encourage you to re‑use your current USB‑A to Lightning cables, power adapters, and headphones which are compatible with this iPhone. But if you need any new accessories, they are available for purchase. Apple's iPhone portfolio has expanded into a diverse, frequently perplexing array of several devices released over multiple years. There is a wide range of models available at drastically varied prices and specifications, and some are only available as used models, so there should be something for everyone.  


Q1) What is a Refurbished Phone?

A refurbished phone is a pre-owned device that has been restored to like-new condition through testing, repairs, and often cosmetic refurbishment. These phones are sold at a lower price than brand new ones, making them an economical choice, and they may come with warranties.

Q2) What does the 12 Month Warranty cover?

The 12-month warranty for this phone exclusively covers defects and issues related to its hardware components. Any damages resulting from customer mishandling or physical damage are not included in the warranty coverage. Additionally, accidental damage to the software or any software-related issues are not covered by this warranty. Customers are encouraged to carefully review the warranty terms and conditions to understand the extent of coverage provided.

Q3) What payments services do you offer?

We offer Klarna, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Cash option is availablle but instore only.

Q4) Why should I consider buying a refurbished phone?

Refurbished phones are more affordable than brand new ones, offering significant cost savings. They also undergo quality testing and often come with warranties.

Q5) Are refurbished phones reliable?

Yes, refurbished phones can be reliable. They are rigorously tested and repaired to ensure functionality.

Q6) What condition is the phone in, and what does “Good mean?

“Good means the phone looks and functions in good condition. Cosmetic flaws are usually repaired.

Q7) Are all the phone's features and functions fully operational?

Refurbished phones are tested to ensure all features and functions work correctly before resale.

Q8) How is the phone's battery life, and has the battery been replaced or refurbished?

Battery health varies, and some refurbished phones may have a new or refurbished battery.

Q9) What accessories are included with the phone, if any?

Refurbished phones come with a cable.

Q10) How has the phone been tested and certified for quality?

Phones are typically tested for hardware and software functionality, and any issues are addressed during the refurbishment process.

Q11) What if i want to return my phone?

Our 14-day phone return policy is designed to provide you with confidence in your purchase. If, within two weeks of receiving your phone, you encounter an issue that falls under our warranty coverage and cannot be resolved by our technical support team, you have the option to return the phone.

This policy ensures that you are not left with a device that doesn't meet your expectations or has a genuine hardware-related problem. We stand behind the quality of our products, and this policy reflects our commitment to your satisfaction, guaranteeing that you have a reliable and functional phone that meets your needs.

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