So, your Samsung won’t turn on? Check out this guide!

So, your Samsung won’t turn on and it’s causing you a headache? We understand how it feels when this nightmare happens. You’ve tried turning your phone back on, however, there’s just nothing happening…  We know how you’re feeling right now, along with so many other Samsung customers. Yes, that’s right, this is a common issue amongst Samsung users - and we have managed to fix a lot of Samsungs using the tips we’re going to provide you within this post. If we can’t fix your Samsung by the end of you reading this guide, then we promise that one of our friendly team will bring your Samsung back to life in-store.

samsung wont turn on or charge

Why won’t Samsung phone turn on?

Like we mentioned, this is a very common issue. Nevertheless, it’s still a frustrating situation to be in - and one that needs sorting ASAP!  There are a few simple ways to try and reset your phone (we will cover them all), then fingers crossed, your Samsung phone should be back to life. There’s always a way, and we want to make sure you have broken Samsung is soon back to full working order Here are a few things to think about, as to why your Samsung is frozen in off mode; Did these Samsung software tips work? If you’re still having issues, there may be a problem with your phone’s hardware. Not to worry though, our team can fix any issues.

How to fix a Samsung that won’t turn on?

Try to reboot your Samsung in safe mode Have you downloaded any apps or software lately? This could be causing your Samsung to crash - especially if the Samsung apps are downloaded from 3rd-party download sites. This is a common issue and one that causes your Samsung to lag or even crash.

galaxy s8 wont charge photoSo how do you fix this Samsung issue?

Let’s look at how to put your phone in safe mode;
  1. Press down the power button
  2. Now wait for the Samsung logo to load onto your device’s screen
  3. When the logo appears, release the power button
  4. Instantly press and hold the download button
  5. Now: your device will come and you will be able to access your phone in safe mode

Charge your mobile device

Now, this is a common issue with phones - they simply run out of power. We’ve all done it; using the full 100% battery life, and then just leaving it dead for a few hours. So, here’s what to do: just plug your charger into your device, and leave it for 10 minutes. Then, fingers crossed, you should see the Samsung logo appear on your device. This means your mobile phone is back on the charge. 

Soft reset your mobile

This is one of the best tips for fixing a Samsung or most other mobiles. A soft reset is just a simple way to reset your phone when it’s having an issue. All you have to do is, simply hold down both the power button and volume button at the same time - for roughly 8-10 seconds. This will reboot your Samsung, and should hopefully load back up your home screen.

samsung wont chargePut your Samsung in recover mode

Let’s try putting your mobile in recovery mode with these simple steps;
  1. First, turn your Samsung off
  2. Hold both the up volume key with the Bixby key (holding down the power button)
  3. As the Samsung logo appears, release all the keys you’re holding down; the system recover menu will now appear
  4. Now, hold down the volume button to erase cache partition
  5. Click the power key to select
  6. Hold down the volume button to select yes, now press the power key to choose ok
  7. When this wiping process has finished, press the power button to restart your Samsung
This should bring your mobile back to life. If it doesn’t read on.

What to do if none of the above steps worked?

Have you tried all the above steps and your still your Samsung won’t turn on? Then it looks like your Samsung is broke because of a hardware issue - this is an issue that needs to be assessed by one of your expert phone fixer technicians. What if my Samsung is under warranty? If this is the case you should contact your provider and find out the details of your warranty. You could be entitled to free repairs for your mobile - sounds good right? If your warranty has ended, don’t worry we will fix your mobile and soon have back to full working order. Our experts will test your device and run a full diagnostics assessment. This will help us find the problem with your Samsung. Our expert team invites you to our shop, or you can send in your phone for repair. We will fix your phone and post it back out to you. Or, we offer you a premium service, we will visit your home Check out our other popular post: How to reset an iPad step-by-step guide!

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