Why Won't My iPhone Charge?

As you will know, we use our iPhones regularly on a daily bases. We use it to check the weather, get our news, check how our favourite sports team did last night, and even pass boring hours of the day with games, like Candy Crush. Because of the constant usage, our iPhones (an electronic device, mind you) require constant charging. You may have 2-3 charge cables positioned strategically in your home -- living room, bedroom, maybe even the bathroom. However, sometimes, when we go to plug our iPhone into charge, we don't see the green light we've become accustomed to. We don't see the battery marked with a lightning bolt icon. We simply see our iPhone battery continuing to get smaller! Why is that? Let's look at some common reasons why your iPhone won't turn on - or won't charge, and how to fix them! Here's what's included in this post;

3 Reasons Your iPhone Won't Charge

Here is a look at the three most common reasons your iPhone just won't charge;

1 - Your Charge Port is Clogged (how to clean iPhone charging port)

Think about your phone and where it goes every day. Most of the time, it sits in the pocket of your jeans or tucked away in your purse. Sometimes, in your weakest of moments, it flies through the air and slides across the dirty ground, or falls between couch cushions to be among the dust and dirt that collects below our home furniture. With time, your iPhone will collect dust, grime, lint or fuzz within the charge port. Unlike most things, we classify as "dirty", soap and water just won't due for an electronic. Weeks, maybe months (heck, even maybe YEARS!) of invisible particles build and build and build until the components of your charging cable cannot connect with the charge port of your iPhone.

Guide on how to clean iPhone charging port2 - You've Ignored The Recommended Software Update

There's only a limited amount of space on our mobile devices. They are small by design, and though they seem to contain unlimited space, we often forget that each of our phones comes with a predetermined amount of storage space. For these reasons, instead of sending photos to the clouds or deleting old apps that we downloaded for a previous employer or to try and learn German that one week last February, we ignore our recommended software update because it tells us it requires X-amount of space to update. Software updates are important. The manufacturer of the iPhone is updating its software for a particular reason, and most of the time, it is to fix or improve an aspect of the device. Many times, the software update can contain important aspects of the design of the phone for day to day usage, including storage or battery life. Often, new features are introduced to allow the iPhone-user to better and more efficiently manage the photos, apps, notes, and calendars they've accrued on their devices through the ownership timeline. Do you have an issue with your iPad? Here's a guide on how to reset an iPad step-by-step!

3 - Broken Outlet/Charger

Maybe this seems silly to you. But it shouldn't. Often, when something goes wrong with our phone, we blame the phone, not the environment our phone is in. Like everything, things can break. Electronics can short, old outlets can die, and surge protectors from the year 2000 can falter. The iPhone requires two items to charge: a functioning charging cable and a functioning outlet. It's extremely possible that one of those items is not working properly.

Four Ways to Fix your iPhone Not Charging

How to reboot iphone and clean charging portOkay, we have identified three common issues we may run into when our iPhone is not charging. I'm sure, after reading the reasons why above, you have a good idea of how to fix your problem. But just in case you're still unsure (or maybe you are just enjoying this article), I've provided some solutions below.

1 - Clean Your Port

The charging port is small and deeper than you anticipate (look at the end of the iPhone charger), so old-school pick-cleans with a pen just won't do. Grab a paper clip (or a hair clip if you, a roommate, or a girlfriend have one handy), and start scraping. Of course, make sure to use common sense when cleaning out the port -- don't stab or jab with force. Simply run the point of the paper clip across the sides and lift at an angle, dragging whatever residue you've captured up the side of the port. More than likely, you're apt to find a good amount of collected pocket lint and fuzz, at the end of that paper clip.

2 - Just Complete the Software Update...

Push your selfies and screenshots that you've collected on your camera and photo apps to the cloud, or delete the fewer desirables; Delete the apps you don't use, or temporarily remove them (an option on iPhone) while your software update completes. After you've created adequate storage space, just run the dang update. The update alone will take, what? Five minutes? While you wait, make a paper aeroplane. Maybe empty the dishwasher. Fold the pile of clothes that have accumulated on your bedroom floor this week (or month). When you get back, your phone will be updated, performing better, and, if the update was the cause of your dwindling battery life, ready to charge,

3 - Change Outlets/Phone-a-Friend

If you are sure your phone is updated and the port is cleaned, check the outlet or charging cable. The easiest way to do this is found-- find another electronic. You probably have wireless headphones laying around, and if not, certainly a laptop or tablet. Plug in that secondary device and see if it works. If it doesn't it's the outlet. Or the cable. Better yet, instead of digging up another electronic, look across the couch at Marley, or Nick (or whoever your friends or roommates are) and ask them to plug their phone in. This is a simple A/B test you can perform to find out if your outlet or cord is working (or not). Also, ask that same friend for their cord to charge, to test out your charge port or that same outlet. Easy peasy.

4 - Restart Your iPhone

If all else fails, there is one more solution to your problem -- shut your phone off and turn it back on. Maybe you've heard this joke in an office, when your computer freezes, "just turn it on and off again!" Well, sometimes it's not a joke. If you take a moment and ponder the last time you turned your phone off, it likely correlates to a required software update. Our phones are overused, and our overuse takes a toll on the phone, operationally. By restarting your phone, the phone gets a break from processing the mountains of data and functions. Think of it as quiet meditation for your device. When the phone shuts down, and restarts, it's more than likely that small issues will go away, including issues with charging.

Final Thoughts

We need our phones. We've come too accustomed with them by our hips or in our bags, or lying motionless beside us on the couch or bed, waiting for the vibrate or text/notification tone to sound, alerting us to our next social fix. So, why struggle to charge your phone? Hopefully, for the issue you're having, something above helped you find and solve it. If you find your iPhone is still not working, you can send in your iPhone for repair, drop it off, or contact us and we will come and fix your iPhone!

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