How much does it cost to repair the screen on an ipad mini 5th generation?

How much does it cost to repair the screen on an ipad mini 5th generation?

Repairing the screen of a more recent device could be costly. This is generally the case when going through the manufacturer directly, and especially with a premium brand such as Apple. But are their alternatives to this?

In this blog, we will answer the question ‘How much does it cost to repair the screen on an iPad Mini 5th Generation?’

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The iPad Mini 5th Generation

Released in 2019, the iPad Mini 5th Generation is yet another model of the Mini line-up. Building on the specifications of its predecessor, the iPad Mini 5th Generation has the following features…

  • Retina display
  • 9-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi-Touch display
  • 2048-by-1536 resolution at 326 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • A12 Bionic chip with 64‑bit architecture
  • Neural Engine
  • Live Photos
  • Wide colour capture for photos and Live Photos
  • Autofocus
  • Panorama (up to 43 megapixels)

And much more. You can find the full specifications here.

When should a screen be replaced?

The problem is, generally, when people see a crack on their screen, whether it is a tablet or phone, if the crack isn’t large, or immediately affecting functionality, it is usually overlooked. The problem with this, is now your screen is compromised.

A singular crack weakens the overall durability of the glass, even if it is by a minor amount. The issue with this is that sometimes, damages that are weaker, that caused the original crack, now have the capacity to cause further or significant damages to the screen.

By neglecting to repair your screen as soon as possible, your screen is also at further risk from…

  • Water damage inside the cracks
  • Dust/other debris getting into cracks and worsening them.
  • Reduced touch screen functionality.
  • Reduced visual quality, which can include malfunctions, dead, or unresponsive screens.

What is the best way to protect an iPad Mini Screen from breaking?

Using your iPad Mini safely is the best way to prevent breakage, examples of this can be…

  • Not using the device whilst standing, moving around, or whilst doing another task.
  • Not allowing someone who can neglect the device to use it, such as a toddler or small child.
  • Purchasing additional protective measures such as a screen protector and a case. Although both options won’t entirely prevent a screen from cracking, they greatly reduce the chance, especially if being used together.

How much does it cost to repair the screen on an iPad Mini 5th Generation?

When it comes to the screen of an iPad Mini 5th Generation, due to the cracks, and the nature of how the screen works, it is one unit, so individual areas of it can’t be repaired, only replaced.

When it comes to screen replacement of an iPad Mini 5th Generation, imFixed charges £250. Considering Apple estimates a charge of £329 for the same product, you will definitely be saving yourself some money.

What is the replacement process of an iPad Mini 5th Generation?

Here is a basic outline of the process we undertake to replace your iPad Mini 5th Generation screen.

  1. We assess the severity of the damage on the screen, and check to see if there are cracks on the body of the iPad Mini 5th Generation.
  2. We loosen and separate the screen from the back casing of the iPad Mini 5th Generation.
  3. The next step is that we remove the screen, making sure to safely disconnect any connective wiring between the screen and the circuit board.
  4. We assess the internal workings to see if there are any other issues that can contribute to your screen being faulty.
  5. After this, we carefully attach the replacement screen and all the relevant connections on the circuit board.
  6. We test the screen to see if it works before fully reattaching.
  7. Once we know the screen is working, we securely reattach the iPad screen to its backing.

Can I repair my iPad Mini 5th Generation from Apple outside its warranty?

Yes. You have two options when trying to get a repair outside its warranty. Your first option is to take it to Apple, or complete an online form explaining the damages, which you will be provided with a quote to repair. This is usually expensive, especially if it is a newer product.

Your alternative option is to subscribe to AppleCare+


Apple does have an additional support plan for your Apple devices, called AppleCare+ which greatly subsidises the cost of repairs and gives you access to more support services.

Services include 24-hour priority calling, however, you still have to pay a monthly fee of £9.99, along with a cheaper price to repair the fault at hand. This could be a valuable asset for someone who uses their Apple device to create content, or for work, for example.

Can I still get my Apple device repaired outside of warranty and without AppleCare+?

Yes, as long as the device is not obsolete or vintage, you can get it repaired from Apple, however, you will be paying for the service. Prices will vary depending on the product’s age, and the damages.

When should I upgrade my iPad?

We would definitely recommend upgrading your tablet if its damages are irreparable, or if your model is old. In this instance, we understand that going to pay for a brand-new device could be an investment that may be beyond some people to make comfortably. This is why refurbished devices present a great alternative.

Refurbished devices are pre-owned devices, but instead of getting a factory reset and a quick clean, like most pre-owned devices are subject to, refurbished devices undergo a thorough assessment.

As a result of this thorough assessment, relevant repairs are made, this includes hardware and software. The device is also updated to the latest operating system. This results in a device that is as good as new, at a fraction of its original retail price.

Refurbished devices are ideal for users who aren’t necessarily desperate to get the latest device. Or for users who can’t afford to replace their current model with another from the manufacturer. Refurbished devices provide premium devices at the fairest possible prices.

Repair your iPad Mini 5th Generation today

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What are you waiting for? Get your device repaired today!

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Within this blog, we hope to have answered the question ‘How much does it cost to repair the screen on an iPad Mini 5th Generation?’ while providing all the information you need. In addition to all the relevant services that you need to make an informed decision when it comes to your smart devices.

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