How Much for a iPhone XS Max Screen Repair?

How Much for a iPhone XS Max Screen Repair?

Knowing where and how much it can cost for a screen repair could save you time and money, and in an age where our smartphones are paramount, it definitely helps to know. In this blog, we will answer the question ‘How much for a iPhone XS Max screen repair?’ The team at imFixed are here to provide you with premium solutions without the premium costs. We understand how significant our electronic devices are. That’s why we’ve made it our duty to help you with your devices. Our services include phone repair, repair for other devices, business call-outs for repairs, phone unlocking, and being a provider of phones and other smart devices/accessories.

What causes screen damage?

Damaged screens compromise the durability and effectiveness of your screen. A damaged screen can look like scratches and scuffs that don’t come off, minor or major cracks, or dead pixels.  Some screens have a combination of these elements. It can be caused by…
  • Dropping your phone, or if it has received a high velocity impact.
  • Water damage – Although modern phones have some resistance to water, they still can not tolerate it completely, depending on where the water enters your phone, you can experience a faulty screen, to a dead screen and more.
  • Dust collecting inside the phone – Over time, this can affect internal connections, and result in the phone being faulty, including the screen.
  • Internal connections being disturbed – This could be due to damages, but certain circuit board connections enable many features of a phone, including the screen’s operation.

The effects of screen damage

As mentioned above, there are a number of ways you can tell a screen is damaged, but what exactly are the effects? Essentially, navigating your phone will be difficult due to having less visibility. In addition, screen damage can impact the precision and function of your touchscreen, which can make your phone unusable. Damage on your screen can also spread if you decide not to repair it. Cracks already compromise the strength of the screen, so further damage can make it break even more, even if the damage was less than what cause the first crack on the screen! In this instance, this is where you should consider a screen replacement.

The iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max The iPhone XS Max, is part of the iPhone range released in 2018, along with the iPhone XS, and XR. Although they are 6 years old at the time of writing, this range is more than effective and useable presently, as long as they are well maintained. You can click here for the full specifications of the iPhone XS Max.

IOS or Android which is better?

The answer could be either, depending on whom you ask. Apple exclusively has its own OS (Operating system) in its iPad, iPhone, MacBook & Apple Mac products. The operating system for Apple (IOS) is known for efficiency and simplicity to navigate. Devices such as Samsung smartphones use an operating system known as Android. Android operating systems are known to be more customisable for those looking for it, but still easy enough for anybody to navigate. The capabilities of each system are dependent on the device operating it. Understandably, the better the performance specifications of the phone, the easier it can handle the operating system and its features.

How much for a iPhone XS Max screen repair?

How much for a iPhone XS Max screen repair? To repair an iPhone XS max screen through imFixed, it will cost £85. This is a total screen replacement, meaning you can rest assured that your screen is literally as good as new. Our process is as follows…
  • We remove the relevant casing, making sure to remove debris and dirt in areas that they should not be in.
  • We remove and replace the screen, making sure not to damage the connections and other internal components.
  • We replace the screen and re-attach the wiring and subsequent casing.

How much do Apple charge for repairs?

Apple only provides an estimate of how much your repair will cost. This pricing can easily rise once Apple repair services have made an assessment on your phone, which is likely to be more, especially if it is a newer iPhone that needs a total replacement.

Can I protect my screen from damage?

Yes, screens can be protected from damage by applying the following methods.
  • Purchase a glass screen cover.
  • Invest in a phone case.
  • Try not to apply heavy weight or pressure onto the screen.
  • Avoid touching the screen with sharp objects.
  • Keep water away from the screen and phone.
  • Try not to drop the phone.

How to tell if your screen replacement is bad

There are many people who can repair your screen for you, some opt for  cheaper methods, resulting in you paying for something that was not as good as your original screen. If your screen replacement is bad, you can tell by…
  • The screen is not the same size or quality as your previous screen.
  • Since the replacement, certain functions don’t work on your phone.
  • There is screen lag.
  • The touchscreen is not calibrated.
  • There is already a crack on the replacement.
  • The screen replacement has dead pixels upon receiving the replacement.

Do screen replacements use different screens?

Generally, no, some phones may share the same specifications regarding their screens. That being said, most models have a specific screen that is compatible with the hardware available on the model in question. As screen quality develops, older phones may struggle to find replacements, but as it stands, unless the phone is discontinued officially, you should be fine in finding legitimate replacements. They can be purchased from a variety of places online and in stores. Do your due diligence before purchasing.

Should I get a refurbished phone or repair my phone?

We would recommend getting a phone repair if it is fairly new and/or has precious memories you would like to try to recover before looking towards getting a replacement. But what is a refurbished phone? Most second-hand phones have been repaired aesthetically but not necessarily functionally, so even though there may not be scratches on the back or cracks on the screen, you don’t know that the phone is working well. On the contrary, refurbished phones have been repaired by professionals, meaning the inner workings of the phone have been repaired as well as the outside. That makes refurbished phones slightly more expensive than used or second-hand phones, but it’s worth it to know that the phone is working well and won’t need any urgent repairs, or professional phone unlocking

Book a screen repair today

Book a screen repair today Whatever device, model, or problem you have, imFixed is here to help you get it back up and running. Just pop in or call for collection if you’re in the Greater Manchester area to have your phone repaired and handed back to you on the same day. Or, post your phone to us from elsewhere in the UK for just £9.99 extra, and have your phone repaired and delivered back to your door within 2-3 working days! What are you waiting for? Get your phone repaired today! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding our expert services, or products. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and encourage you to get in touch to get complete peace of mind. Within this blog, we hope to have answered the question ‘How much for a iPhone XS Max screen repair?’, while providing all the information you need. In addition to all the relevant services that you need to make an informed decision when it comes to your smart devices. You can find us at: Address 101 Tonge Moor Road Tonge Moor, Bolton Greater Manchester BL2 2DL Phone 077 548 548 69 Email
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