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Google Pixel 4 Repair Battery Repair

Google Pixel 4 Repair Battery Repair

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Product -

Brand - Google

Model - Google Pixel 4

  • 12 month warranty ? Against faulty parts or labour but no damage
  • Discounted Screen Protection ? Reduce the risk of your screen breaking again
  • Send your repairs in and get it back within 3-5 working days. (Post in Repairs ONLY )

?Google Pixel 4 Screen Repair

Get your Pixel 4 Repair today. It's a frustrating experience when you damage your ?Pixel 4, whether it's a screen crack or perhaps the battery has rapidly discharged. Don't worry we offer same day service.

At ImFixed, we are dedicated to providing high-quality express turnarounds for Pixel 4 screen repairs, so you will have your phone back looking good in no time.

You break it, We fix it.

Common repairs -

  • Cracked screen Replacement
  • liquid damaged replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Rear cover Replacement
  • Charging port Replacement

No matter how small the screen crack is, the ?Google Pixel 4  screen will need to be completely replaced.Pixel 4 screen replacement comes with both the LCD/digitizer and glass screen bonded together and is even backed by a lifetime warranty. Also repairs for other faults you may encounter with your device being damaged by water, camera not capturing sharp and clear shots, needing a replacement battery and more.

Come in and speak with an ImFixed repair specialist, who can provide a quick diagnosis & solve the problem.

Need to repair another device? Visit an ImFixed store for an express repair service today.

Get your phone repaired to a high standard with us! We specialize in repairing a wide range of popular brands including: iPhones, Google Pixel, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, and Xiaomi. Google Pixel 4 Repair We are able to repair the following faults:Antenna repair – Battery service & repair – Charging port replacement – Diagnostic service – Earpiece repair – Front camera repair  – Front screen replacement Headphone socket repair  – Home button repair – Liquid damage service and repair – Loudspeaker repair  – Microphone repair – Power button repair – Rear camera repair – Rear cover repair – Software repair – Vibration repair – Volume button repair – WIFI repair. Why us? – We give 12 – 24 months warranty on all repairs carried out – Pay in 3 with Klarna – We have technicians with experience of over 30 years in the trade.

Address: 101 Tonge Moor Road, Tonge Moor,  Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL2 2DL Phone: 01204 520520 Email:
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Need to repair a device? Visit an ImFixed store for an express repair service today.

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