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Licensed Lamborghini Urus 12V Ride On Children’s Electric SUV

Licensed Lamborghini Urus 12V Ride On Children’s Electric SUV

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Licensed Lamborghini Urus 12V Ride On Children’s Electric SUV


Licensed Lamborghini Urus 12V Ride On Children’s Electric SUV: Driving Dreams to Reality

In the realm of children's electric ride-on vehicles, the Licensed Lamborghini Urus 12V Ride On Children’s Electric SUV stands as an epitome of luxury, adventure, and imagination come to life. With its meticulously designed features and attention to detail, this electric SUV transcends the ordinary, offering young enthusiasts an unparalleled experience of driving a scaled-down Lamborghini Urus. Beyond its impressive aesthetics, the Licensed Lamborghini Urus Ride On introduces a new dimension of thrill and exploration for young adventurers. A Glimpse of Luxury: The Essence of a Dream Car At the heart of the Licensed Lamborghini Urus Ride On lies the embodiment of a dream car. Modeled after the iconic Lamborghini Urus, this electric SUV gives children the chance to experience the sensation of driving a luxury vehicle at a scale tailored to their age and size. The precision in replicating the Urus's design, from its sleek lines to the signature emblem, allows young drivers to feel as if they're behind the wheel of the real thing. Unleashing Adventure: Exploring with Excitement While luxury takes center stage, the Licensed Lamborghini Urus Ride On offers more than just aesthetics; it's about unleashing adventure. Equipped with a 12V battery system, this electric SUV is capable of providing an exciting and safe ride for young drivers. Whether it's cruising through the backyard, exploring the driveway, or embarking on imaginary journeys, the ride-on vehicle creates an avenue for thrilling escapades. Attention to Detail: Authenticity in Every Feature The Licensed Lamborghini Urus Ride On boasts meticulous attention to detail that captures the essence of authenticity. From the functioning LED headlights and horn to the realistic engine sounds, every feature is designed to enhance the immersive experience. This dedication to detail ensures that young drivers engage with a ride-on vehicle that mirrors the real-life Lamborghini Urus, promoting a sense of wonder and excitement. Interactive Entertainment: Beyond Driving Beyond its driving capabilities, the Licensed Lamborghini Urus Ride On introduces interactive entertainment for young drivers. Equipped with features like an MP3 player, USB port, and built-in music, the ride-on vehicle enhances the overall experience by allowing children to enjoy their favorite tunes while cruising. This integration of entertainment elevates the ride to a multifaceted adventure that encompasses driving and enjoyment. Safe and Secure: Prioritizing Well-Being The Licensed Lamborghini Urus Ride On places a paramount emphasis on safety and security. Designed with features like a comfortable seat, seatbelt, and parental remote control, the ride-on vehicle ensures that young drivers are secure while exploring their surroundings. The parental remote control offers guardians the ability to guide and supervise, making the experience not only exhilarating but also secure. A Glimpse into the Future of Playtime The 'Licensed Lamborghini Urus 12V Ride On Children’s Electric SUV' keyword signifies more than just a toy; it provides a glimpse into the future of playtime. As children's play experiences continue to evolve, the demand for vehicles that offer realism and interaction grows. The Licensed Lamborghini Urus Ride On hints at possibilities like advanced digital integration, interactive augmented reality, and the evolution of playtime experiences that merge technology with imagination. Empowering Young Adventurers In conclusion, the Licensed Lamborghini Urus 12V Ride On Children’s Electric SUV transcends its role as a children's toy; it's an embodiment of luxury and adventure. With its attention to detail, interactive features, and focus on safety, it elevates playtime to a new level of excitement and engagement. Whether your child is a budding automotive enthusiast, an imaginative explorer, or simply someone who values the fusion of luxury and play, the Licensed Lamborghini Urus Ride On empowers young adventurers to embrace a world of thrilling journeys and boundless imagination, ensuring that their play experiences are driven by excitement and wonder.  

Key Features

  • Licensed by Lamborghini
  • Iconic Brand Badges
  • 2.4G Parental Remote
  • Forward and reverse gears
  • MP3 connectivity
  • UBS/AUX in
  • Working lights
  • Leather Seats
  • EVA Wheels
  • Safety Seat Belt
  • Battery:  12V4.5AH
  • Motors: 2 x 35w
  • Coloured seat


1. Is It Certified By Lamborghini?

Yes Its Licensed By Lamborghini.

2. Does It Have Lamborghini Badges On There?

Yes, It Has Top Quality Look A Like Lamborghini Badges.

3. Is it The Same Size As A Real Lamborghini Urus?

No, Its A Mini Replica Size Toy Car Kids Can Sit Inside And Ride.

4. What If I As The Father Wants To Contol It?

There Is A Remote Control Which You As A Parents Can Use to Take Control of The Car.

5. What Material Are The Seats, Are They Comfortable?

They Are Made Out Of Leather and Yes, They Are Comfortable. Once The Child Sits Inside The Car, They Will Not Want To Get out.  
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